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The Ideal Ringtone Apps for Android Phones

One of the best ways of customizing your Android phone is by creating a custom ringtone since it is easy and affordable. There are several ringtone apps, but you should go for the best ones.

Ringtone maker is one of the best ringtone apps for android phones. It is a free app and most popularly downloaded on search engines. It has ads that are not too intrusive. It gives you the chance to edit MP3 files as well as others like the ACC and 3GP. Ringtone maker allows you to edit music stored on your device and record custom audio using the app’s built-in recorder.

The other good ringtone app is the ringtone slice ex. The app has an in-built file explorer that allows you to search for files easily in any storage of your device. It is enjoyable to use due to its unique design and has a friendly UI. It has a range of themes to choose from and also edits files in a waveform. The fact that this app only supports a few files is its only shortcoming.

Ringtone cutter is another good app to use for own ringtone creation that uses waveform. It has an inbuilt voice recorder and media player that allows you to record sounds and test your ringtones before you can set them.

The ringdroid is an older app compared to other ringtone apps. Despite being old, the ringdroid’s interface appears much updated compared to the newest apps. It is free and never comes with any annoying ads which is why many users prefer it.

Zedge, on the other hand, features a huge library of audios as well as ringtone files and sound notifications. Upon the installation of this app, you get immediate access to the whole library. You only need to download those files that are interesting to you and then select them in your android settings.

Myxer free ringtones app is another ideal app for androids that helps you create ringtones from favorite songs and audio files for as long as 30 seconds. Its interface is very , and its features are very easy to use. The app can be used in i phones, Android devices, and computers. The app comes with no cost and is one of the most preferred app.

The audiko is another good ringtone app for android. It is a free app allowing you to create own custom ringtones your custom ringtones. Users can edit their tracks with waveform representation and choose songs from the in the app library. It as well has varieties of HD wallpapers and 4K to choose from.

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