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A Guide to Essential Warehouse Supplies and Equipment

One of the biggest businesses in the country is warehousing. This billion dollar industry employs hundreds of thousands of people. But not all warehouses are the same. The differences lie in their spaces, sizes, functionalities, and the number of people employed. One characteristic that they share though is that certain equipment is essential for effective operations, regardless of size and function. Below is a checklist of the essential warehouse supplies and equipment that you would need.

In warehouses, there are many hazards which can potentially cause harm. These hazards come from heavy equipment, moving vehicles and inventory stored in high places, etc. This is why safety precautions in line with regulations should be taken.

Fire extinguishers are much needed in a warehouse. When machinery is at work, the chances of fire is always there. Fire safety protocol and evacuation procedures should be prepared. You need to have enough supply of fire extinguishers.

It is important that all employees have personal protective equipment (PPE). You can reduce one’s chances of accidents by providing PPE. High visibility clothing, hard hats, eye goggles, ear muffs, and steel toe-capped boots are some examples of personal protective equipment.

It is also important to have safety barriers that come in different shapes and sizes. This will help protect warehouse employees and visitors from hazards around the warehouse. Collisions are prevented, access to dangerous places are regulated, and it channels people through safe walking routes if there are safety barriers around.

A warehouse needs storage equipment. Here are some storage equipment commonly used.

Pallet racks are shelving options for products stored on pallets. These pallet racks are frame-like units with no base to the shelving itself. Check out this guide if you want to know more about the best pallet racks.

Cantilever racks store materials that won’t fit on a standard pallet rack. Their design is for longer items like wooden beams, metal bars, etc. They can also accommodate bulky items that would be unstable for pallet racks. Oversized, irregularly shapes items can be stored in a cantilever rack.

Flow racks are racks which slope downward and with roller tracks fixed along the base. Inventory is placed on the higher end and gravity pulls it to the exit aisle at the lower end. This can speed up preparations of orders. For warehouses with large picking volumes, flow racks are ideal.

Another important storage units are industrial shelving which are just like ordinary shelves. They are heavy duty and capable of holding larger loads.

Lifting equipment are also needed in a warehouse. Here are some of the lifting tools to own.

Pallet jacks are necessary for transporting pallet-stored items without the use of a forklife.

Forklift trucks enable easy transportation of heavy pallet-stored goods. Chances of both injury and damage to goods are minimized.

Non-pallet items can easily be transported with hand trucks.

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