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8 Different Types of Lawyers and What They Do 8 Categories of Attorneys and How They Can Help You
For the last decade the number of lawyers in the US has hit over 15% increase. This is on the ground that there are many cases that need lawyer’s intervention. The court cases are very complicated to be handled by a common person and that why it’s advised to work with a trained lawyer. Cases are different starting injury compensation cases, business cases and the rest and each case need to be handled by a lawyer trained in that niche. For you to succeed in your case you have to find a lawyer that is fit for the case thus here you will learn more about the 8 groups of attorneys.

To start with is the family attorney. The work of the family attorney is to resolve different family cases. If you are having a divorce case, adoptions issue custody dispute and legal separations there are some of the areas that you need to involve a family lawyer They also deal with matters relating to emancipation, paternity, alimony and also in pre and post-nuptial agreements. Other than dealing with private clients a family lawyer will also deal with the domestic violence, child abuse and delinquency in other legal sectors .

The second category of lawyers is the personal injury lawyers. In case of an injury you are likely to go through hard times or even lose your job and that why a personal injury lawyer is there to make sure you receive just compensation from the accused party. The accused side may be anything from individuals, a government body, a company or an organization.

The next type of attorneys is malpractice lawyers. This is another group of attorneys that deal with the professionals such as government officials, accountants, doctors and lawyers that fail to deliver as agreed in their work contract. You can find a personal injury lawyer working as a malpractice lawyer although there are lawyers that choose to purely deal with malpractice legal matters.

The other group of lawyers includes estate lawyers. In case you wish to have a will that will guide your minors on who will own which property you should find a lawyer who has specialized in estate law should that you will have your will done in a professional way. The property taxes, medication wishes, will towards your funeral and burial you should make sure you have an estate lawyer to guide you through.

Let’s look at criminal defense lawyers. When you are being questioned of a crime that may read to arresting, arraignment and even to conviction a criminal defense attorney will help you to go through it. The purpose of criminal defense is to prove your innocence and if it doesn’t work s/he makes sure you do not get sentenced unreasonably. To know more about the other types of lawyers like a business lawyer, tax lawyer and intellectual property lawyers check out for your articles.