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Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Thyroid gland has a unique butterfly like shape. Metabolism occurs in cells where energy is produced. It may be hard to distinguish between thyroid disease and other conditions as their symptoms may be similar. Imbalance in the thyroid hormones my alter the basic functioning of the body. which is highly confused with hyperthyroidism which is the over activity of the thyroid. Lumps on the thyroid gland is referred to as thyroid nodules. Here are signs of thyroid disease.

One may experience temperature changes. Thyroid interferes with the functioning of the thyroid gland in the way hormones are produced. With low production of hormones a person feels extremely exhausted causing shifting of their moods. Mood shifting is severe social relationships of an individual can be completely destroyed. Low metabolism in an individual lead to sluggish movement and low productivity at home and in the work place. Feeling cold is common with hypothyroidism which is caused by slowed metabolism.

Secondly, your skin appears dry. Hormones produce by the thyroid gland help in maintain the condition of the hair low levels leave to hair breakage. Little thyroid hormone leads to constipation as there is slowed metabolism. It is normal to have hair loss however one should get concerned when their hair falls of in clumps. Hair loss may be from all over the body or just from the head. Hair loss is directly affected by the fact that the skin is not functioning fully.

Thirdly, problems with the thyroid may lead to imbalance in the reproductive hormones. Females productivity and fertility comes in a cycle influenced by hormones. Inactivity or over activity of the thyroid gland may lead to lowering or doubling up of the hormones. Chances of infertility are higher when one has thyroid disease. Infertility may be detrimental to an individual. Irregular periods may lead to difficulty in family planning.

One may experience weight gain which they may find hard loosing. There are many reasons why one can lose weight hypothyroidism checklist is one. Hyperthyroidism causes arise in the level of metabolism; the body requires a lot of energy spending up the process. The manifestation of the thyroid disease may be immediate or gradual. Weight gain from thyroid disease may be predisposing factor to other weight related conditions.

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