Types of bets in soccer betting

Types of bets in soccer betting

There are many types of ball betting in the Casino Gambling Agent (Agen Judi Casino) and in each type of bet, of course, not all of them are interesting to be played by every gambler. Some like to play handicap bets but some prefer to bet over-under. Some prefer to parlay bets that provide big profits, but some avoid it because the value is quite risky.

For that, here we will discuss some of these types of soccer bets and see how to play each of these types of bets properly. Without lingering any longer, let’s enter the review, gambling buddy.

• Handicap Betting

The handicap is a very important bet and needs to be mastered by every soccer gambler. Because this bet is the most basic bet and is always open in every betting match. so if you intend to gamble on football, this one bet you must know and understand how to play because this bet is indeed the fairest and can provide an advantage to each gambler if executed properly.

A handicap is a balance in a match. For example the top team in the English league and call it M city against other major league teams Aston villa. Even though both of them compete in the same league, of course, the quality and condition of the two teams are different, so you can be sure that all bets will go to the city if there is no handicap.

For this reason, the handicap value here makes the match M city give a handicap according to the unequal quality of the opponent. Let’s just say the handicap value given is 1.5 balls. Thus, not all gamblers will recklessly install the M City team because to win the bet M City must be superior by a difference of 2 goals over Aston Villa. Meanwhile, the villa team bettor can win the bet even though the villa has to lose 1 goal from the city.

• Betting Over Under

It is not the same as handicap betting, which requires a good prediction of which team will win and what the difference in goals will be. Betting over under or over-under or often referred to as the OU bet does not matter which team will win or lose but on how many goals will occur in the match.

For example, the M city and villa team were given an OU market value of 3 balls. Then you can bet over or under. You will win over bets if the total number of goals in the match is 4 goals or more. Conversely, you will win the under bet if the number of goals that occur is less than 3, aka a maximum of two goals. Meanwhile, if the number of goals in that match is 3 or the same as the OU market value then the bet will be a draw.

Isn’t it easy to bet over-under? For this reason, this bet is often referred to as a profitable bet and is popularly played by beginner gamblers to pro gamblers because it can make significant money from it.

• Mix Parlay Betting

Or it is also called a mixed parlay. This bet is not liked by some bettors because it is considered quite risky, but on the other hand, this bet is also a mainstay for some gamblers who are quite confident about the matches that occur.

In parlay betting, you have to choose a minimum of three matches to play and this choice can be made freely and you can also choose more than three which of course will make the betting even more complex with a large payout too, of course.

• Home Draw Away Bet

It is also called a 1 X 2 bet or a winning draw loses a bet. In this bet, there is no valid handicap because you only guess the results of the three possibilities that occur and are also enjoyed by many people and the value is quite profitable.

You only need to bet x on a draw, 1 on a home or home team win, and place 2 on an away or away win.

• Correct Score Betting

It is also called guessing the score, that is, you guess the score of a match correctly and will get paid according to the odds offered when placing this bet.

This bet is not the main bet that you need to focus on because the level of difficulty to guess the score correctly is of course more based on luck.

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