Top 4 Channels for Secure Communication

Top 4 Channels for Secure Communication

The Internet has been a blessing for humans as it has introduced new technologies, services, and convenience in our lives. Now, we live in a world where almost everything is based online.

From big tech companies to home-based business ventures, they all connect to their corporate partners or customers via emails or other means of online communication. With so much data engagement online, security has also become a major concern.

To prevent increasing security threats and data breaches, it is important for businesses to comply with the best data security solutions or channels. One of the secure communication technologies, Diligent’s corporate email security features the most effective security practices.

However, there is more to the subject. We have created a list of channels that support communication security.

1. NextDoor Social App

The NextDoor application is as its name suggests. It welcomes newcomers and opinions with freedom and security. This app also provides the latest local news.

Nextdoor requires verification of your address. It keeps things private in terms of who is viewing your messages and where they are located. It verifies all its users before letting them in.

Here neighbors can help local businesses and obtain input from government agencies. People living in the same area can borrow or sell things. It’s just about making the best of what’s around you.

2. ProtonMail For Emails

Email security is extremely crucial since emails are a primary way of communication among big companies. Since security breaches can happen to big names like Microsoft, it is important to use safer alternatives.

What makes Protonmail a safer option? It is a swiss-based app and implies strict laws accordingly. Its end-to-end and zero access encryption provides users with maximum security of their private data.

However, Diligent’s corporate email security features have similar security measures to facilitate users with their rights to data security.

3. Tutanota Mail App

Tutanota is an email system based in Germany that also provides end-to-end protection. The framework is available for one user (one email account) with a storage limit of 1 GB and requires the use of only a Tutanota domain.

If you choose to put additional users to your account (for example, to have multiple email accounts for a company/organization), the cost is €1 per month per user, up to 1 GB per user, and you can use your own domain or Tutanota’s. You can buy its premium or use it for free.

4. SpiderOak

Spideroak is a cloud-based storage service with enhanced protection. It has zero-knowledge encryption (meaning your data is 100 percent private and only accessible by you), does not store users’ passwords or encryption keys, has storage redundancy savings, and syncs across all devices for a 60-day free trial (after that, it’s $7/month for 30 GB or $12/month for 1 TB).


Security concerns are legit, which is why it is important to address them properly. To avoid any problems or mishaps in the future for your company, make sure you are using the right platform.