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An Overview of Monsanto Lobbying Efforts and Strategies
No one expects a business owner and investor to make billions of dollars in just one year but Monsanto did in the year 2015 which left so many people wondering what his secret is. He achieved the sales from their flagship product Roundup in addition to many other herbicides with contents of glyphosate. It is sad to note that any slight exposure to the chemical increases one’s chances of developing cancer by as much as 41% which is the reason why more and more people today want to know more about Monsanto and why he would do such a crude thing. Anyone interested in knowing more about Monsanto must first understand that this article focuses on talking about his negative side as well as that of his products. It is more encouraging that there are several legal rulings that are fighting for any victim that has suffered after using Monsanto’s products, for instance, a former gatekeeper named Dewayne Johnson who was paid $289 in damages due to the effects he suffered after using Monsanto products. Johnson only received his compensation after holding onto his claims that he got exposure to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Monsanto’s herbicides for a long time as a gatekeeper. Reading through this article explains how and why Monsanto is still popular and prospering despite having all the claims from his customers which is the reason why everyone wants to know more about Monsanto as explained below.

Knowing more about Monsanto starts with Monsanto’s “Green Sheen” and the lobbying machine while at the same time putting in mind that most global corporations such Monsanto do not play by the same rules as their smaller counterparts. One of the reasons why most major corporations survive even with such big scandals such as Monsanto’s is because they use their resources to not only buy political power across the world but also to get adequate support which in the end allows them to do as they wish without so much resistance. Anyone that knows more about Monsanto understands that his resources do not just stop there but they also employ a cadre of scientists that may be willing to twist the facts and statistics at hand to fit the company’s needs which allows him to cultivate a “green sheen.” Monsanto does all the above and much more just to try and prove the world and consumers wrong about their claims about how dangerous their products are to human lives and the ecosystem. It is at this point that they turn to outright bribery to greenwash the products especially when all the applicable techniques fail. Anyone interested in knowing more about Monsanto should also understand that it is a perverse global monopoly with an intricate web of lobbyists that he works with.