The Importance Of A Mentor To Succeed In Sales On Amazon FBA

The Importance Of A Mentor To Succeed In Sales On Amazon FBA

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a program created by Amazon itself for sellers in the world. If sellers are usually confused by the expensive shipping costs between countries, this time Amazon makes it easier for the sellers to deposit their goods at one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. So in short, goods are usually sold directly from the seller to the buyer, made easier by us as sellers sending goods to Amazon warehouses. then when our goods are sold, Amazon will send it directly to the buyer for us. for those of you who just know, this may sound very difficult. but this makes it easier for us, given the expensive shipping prices between countries. In America itself, this system has been widely used and even many of them have chosen to quit their jobs and pursue this business.

With Amazon FBA it will be easier to generate profits, because all processes will be carried out automatically by Amazon. For beginners, of course this is very confusing. This is where the importance of a mentor is needed for your success. We recommend the best and highly experienced mentors in their fields, namely Mastermind by Young Sun, Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA Coach, Amazon FBA Mentor. He will teach you about how to sell the best-selling products, low competition, high ranking and profit. You will be guided to find official suppliers and will become official sellers of the best and best selling products. Of course this will bring you high profits and success.

5 Reasons You Need a Mentor to Build a Business

Every beginner entrepreneur certainly needs help from someone more experienced to guide them. Unfortunately, many business people start their trail without guidance from a mentor.

Some argue that a businessman just needs to follow their instincts. But the truth is, most tech billionaires have mentors to help them.

Here are 4 reasons why having a mentor is important for a budding businessman.

Get real learning

Experience is a very valuable and important asset in business success. Not all knowledge gained from this experience can be obtained from books. A mentor can share knowledge, experiences, mistakes, and advice on how to build a strong business.

Greater chance of success

Research and survey results show that mentors have an important role to play in achieving success. Sage research shows 93 percent of startup founders acknowledge that mentors have an impact on success.

Your chances of being successful in business can also be boosted by the direction of the right mentor. Connections, advice, and direction can be your leap to success.

Expand the network

Investors usually trust startups recommended by their friends more. Plus, successful mentors have an extensive network to help you with your career. This is one of those valuable opportunities that you don’t get if you don’t have a mentor.

Additional support

Research has shown that quality mentors have a strong positive impact on young entrepreneurs. With someone who provides direction as well as a place to share the challenges you are facing, the mentor can reassure you with their experiences when doubts arise.

Many young entrepreneurs feel depressed when they don’t meet their targets and expectations. A mentor who has tasted a lot of the tamarind of the business world can advise and calm you.

Help you survive

Based on SBA data, 30 percent of new businesses will not survive the first 24 months and 50 percent do not make it into their fifth year. However, 70 percent of businesses with mentors last more than 5 years.