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Points on Health Risk to Fire Fighters

Firefighting is a profession whereby the fighters have dedicated their lives to saving people in time of need such as accidents. However they continue to face different health risks, this article will provide you with a list of health risks to firefighters that you should know about.

The dangerous nature of the job can cause them to face serious PTSD. firefighters are supposed to be regularly talk to when it comes to mental health so that they can be able to understand it better and how it can be treated. What people don’t know is that one incident can change a Fighter’s life forever and they do get mentally affected. Firefighting is not as easy as many people tend to think and this job is quite demanding and needs a lot of dedication on the Fighters part. Stress is a factor that affects both mental and physical health of someone. Apart from how demanding their job usually is they do find themselves in a situation whereby they are conflicting with their fellow teammates. People tend to ignore when they are under stress but what they don’t know is that this condition does lead to depression in this can be a very dangerous State in someone’s life. Depression has adverse effects which includes suicide; therefore, it is important for you to know that stress can lead to habits that are dangerous to firefighter like taking high risks during a job.

A high number of firefighters die each year due to heart attacks and the numbers are truly worrying. A high number of firefighters who have died is not because of how risky their job is but because they suffered from Heart Attack. One of the reasons as to why firefighters suffer from heart attack is because they are constantly finding themselves in situations whereby they are exposed to high level of dangerous carbon monoxide. Firefighters are also advised to stay away from the smoking habits because this also does increase the chances of them suffering from this condition. Another group of Fighters who are also at her high risk of heart attacks are the ones who are overweight.

Chronic respiratory diseases is one of the firefighter cancer statistics most challenging type of lung illness. If you do a little bit of research you find that firefighters are at a very high risk of suffering from respiratory diseases, and this is usually caused by them inhaling carbon monoxide while they are on duty. Even in a situation where a fire does not contain toxic substances is can still affect our firefighter’s health.