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A Guide to Safely Crossing the Street

Crossing the street was something that we, as children, learned how to do. The rules have been forgotten now that we are grown up. We cross the street distracted. With these distractions, pedestrian accidents happen. There are thousands of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes each year. So, this is an important issues to consider.

If you want to cross the street safely and securely, consider these things.

Studies have shown that people 75 years or older die from pedestrian-related accidents more than other age groups. The reason for this is that they have frailer bones and weaker immune systems to help them recover from injuries. These people find it difficult to cross the street because of impaired vision, declining mental function, or reduced physical activity. If you or someone you know is in this age group, then you need to be extra careful crossing the street. Make sure to follow all traffic rules and make yourself very visible when crossing the street.

You should know the basic steps when crossing the street.

Crosswalks are there to designate places where you can cross; be sure to use them. Jaywalking is against the rules; don’t do it even if there are no cars on the road.

Face the traffic when you are walking on the road to reach your destination if no sidewalk is available.

When you are at an intersection, stop for a moment. When stepping off a curb, make sure that the driver closest to you is not turning the corner. And if you are crossing the street at night, make sure to wear reflective gear and carry a flashlight.

But sometimes it is the motorists’ fault that causes accidents even if you follow all the rules. if you find yourself in an accident that was not your fault, then you should follow these car accident steps to ensure the best results.

What if you don’t feel safe crossing the street despite knowing the best rules to follow? You can reach out to your government officials for this matter. It is possible to make some requests to their office for installation of more speed bumps, enforcing traffic rules clearly and consistently, and creating zones designated for safety walking. You can make your voice heard and advocate for the changes you want to see. If you do this, then lives can be saved, including your own.

While street crossing may be a small matter to you, remember that thousands die each year simply crossing the street and so you need to be careful because it might happen to you too. So, when you are out crossing the street, remember these rules.

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