Practical and Helpful Tips:

The Best Self-Defense Moves That You Need To Know and Try

A violent crime occurs very often. Without minding your occupation, the place you live or the kind of a person you are, get to know that it can be helpful to learn some self-defense practices. Even if you are ever safe and don’t think that you can be a victim of a crime, it is always good to be prepared because the unpredictable can happen. Keep reading the best defense moves that you should practice if you are interested in knowing how you can protect yourself.

The first defense move that you should learn is self-defense technique and this is by knowing where to hit. The parts that you should aim to hit the most are the head, groin or knees.

You need to learn straight strike as the second move that you should try. You likely want to punch your opponent as this is going to get into your mind as your first instinct just like most victims. Know that even if you are ready to punch your opponent, your punch will easily be blocked as they are well prepared to do so. A more effective move is trying a straight strike. What straight strike entails is opening your palm wide and then apply a forceful strike to the face or neck of the opponent.

Another key move that you can try to practice for self-defense is the hammer strike. Hammer strike move is just as you are sounding it. In this move, you raise your fist up the strike it down as if you are hammering something. If you would like your opponent to feel the hard blow, the best thing to do is to hit your opponent with the bottom part of your fist.

If someone attacks you from behind, the best thing to do is to squat low to make yourself harder to hold by your attacker. The reason why your attacker will want to attack you from behind is because it is easier to subdue a worried victim. When you go low, it is easier to hit the groin at this position. If your attacker holds you in a bear hug also, the other thing you can do is to lean forward while squatting so that you can free your elbow. you need therefore to bring your jostle forward then swing it back to hit the stomach of your attacker as hard as you can. Once you have stunned your attacker, try to escape.

If your attacker comes to beat you swinging, the best thing that you can do will be to block. Even though blocking can hurt your arms, it can be better to have a hit there than having it on your face or any other delicate spot.