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Homeowners Insurance: Things Not Covered

House gives individual’s sense of protection. Your homeowners’ insurance protects your house in case an accident or natural disaster strikes. It can be surprising for you to get to know that not everything will be covered under a home insurance policy. If you are not aware of what your policy includes and excludes, you might end up paying the rest out of your own pocket. Therefore what is not included in an insurance policy? Have a look at things that are not covered by homeowners insurance.

Flood damage. You might be unlucky when it rains into your neighborhood and the water finds its way into your home. Without having a separate insurance policy that covers for flood damage, the liability of paying for repairs will be left to you. Ensure that you have read the particulars carefully to know the difference between flood damage and water damage. Many insurance companies do not cover surface water that seeps through your home from outside.

Damage caused by mold. Molds are harmful because they destroy your home and also pose a health risk to your family. For this reason, it can be costly to get rid of the mold and repair the damage it has caused. Your coverage from a mold will be limited to non-existent if you have a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Most situations will require you to pay high premium fees if you need full coverage. Prevention is the best alternative that you can protect yourself from mold damage.

Damage as a result of construction work. Finally, you are remodeling your property. Construction and utility workers are all over your house. However, what will happen in case they damage property. It is clear that accidents are bound to happen nevertheless, there is a possibility that your insurance policy will not cover for the damages. Your remodeling budget could blow up if there are any repairs that need to be done. If you had visit this page hired a contractor, ensure that they have liability insurance. In case their staff destroy your house, their insurance will pay for the repairs.

Infestation caused by the pest. Pests pose huge damage to your home. A homeowners policy will visit this page not offer you any assistance when termites, mice, ants, and other pests invade your home. Part of your home maintenance involve pest control. Therefore, pest infestation is not something that homeowners insurance will protect you from. Hire a professional exterminator to deal with the pests to prevent them from causing more damage. If you are in the process of purchasing a new house, visit this page hire a home inspector to thoroughly inspect the house for any pest damage. Full home inspection should be worth your consideration.

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