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Actions to Take Against A Driver Who Hits You While Texting

On matters texting while driving, there is no compromise on that when caught because it is against the law. Sometimes such cases happen, and you become a victim of the incidence where you are hit. How severe the injury can be varying with different instances. It does not matter the injury level caused the most important thing is to ensure that the right action is taken. Many people get killed because of the careless drivers who get distracted by their phones and concentrate on them while driving. This is how you will engage on this matter if you are a victim or a loved one becomes a victim.

The first thing to do is call the police. Anytime such a crime happens, some people are quick to act, but sometimes you may be alone. Take that responsibility and contact the police to come. You can only do this in your right state of health and if otherwise, you can ask someone to do it for you. In any accident scene, the presence of the police is vital. They come to witness and record a statement on the incidence so that it can be used for that case. They ensure that there is no distraction that is done that can distort the evidence.

After that record a statement of your own to the police. If your physical state is okay you can go ahead and mention everything without fear. Reveal everything that happened, and you can also ask the witnesses to help you with details that you might have left that could be helpful. In case you are not okay, seek the attention of the doctor before coming to record the statement.

The last thing to do is to call an auto accident lawyer. When it comes to personal injury cases where your defendant is the driver with the mistake, it can be very hard to win without the help of the auto accident lawyer. There is need to establish a proof that the driver was indeed texting and driving and this will be established through the phone records by an auto accident lawyer. Instead of getting it difficult, you need to find an auto accident lawyer who will help you on the same. An auto accident lawyer takes the full responsibility of ensuring that you are compensated the right amount according to the magnitude of the case. They commit to collect all the witness statements that will come in handy for this case as it progresses. The auto accident lawyer also contacts the right insurer for the process of compensations to begin. They also attend the trials for the case until the end.