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A Cruise Guide for Popular Destinations in the World

If you are booking a cruise for the first time, there are certain expert tips that you should know. It will be better if you know the best time to travel. It is true that cruising industry is growing at an alarming rate and the majority are looking forward to this delightful adventure. It is essential that you get your timing right to enjoy to the fullest. Remember that the best time is not always the same for different destinations. To know your timing, check out this guide for the world’s most popular destinations.

The first destination is the Caribbean. It is true that the Caribbean is good for sailing all year round. However, the best time is December through April. The reason being that in those months it is warm as opposed to Northern hemisphere which is very cold. While the late summer and fall is the cheapest time to take a cruise. The hurricane season makes it easy to get affordable bargains. The worst time is June to August when there is massive crowd the hiked price.

The next destination is Europe. One thing that you need to know is that Europe is wide and different locations across the area have different prime times. For instance, in the Mediterranean region in Southern Europe, you can cruise all year round. But the best time is between April and November. While in Northern Europe, you will have your best cruises from May to early November.

In addition, let us look at Asia. If you are looking forward to cruise to Asia, summer is not an ideal period. You find that it brings monsoon rains which are accompanied by the oppressive heat. Therefore, it is perfect to cruise during high season which runs from November through March. Remember that during this time the prices are high and there is a massive crowd.

The other destination that we are going to look at is Australia. In Australia, high season is between late November and March. But during the Australian summer, you will find near-perfect conditions at the major ports. But between December and late January, you should expect big crowds since many Aussies are on holiday.

Lastly, we have Alaska. One thing that you need to know is that ships in Alaska always cruise between late April and September. For that matter, you need to cruise between June and August which is always the best time. This is because between these periods the weather is warm and the waters are generally cool.

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