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Some of the Products that Can Help with Incontinence

At some point in a woman’s life, incontinence becomes a problem. While it is a regular problem for forty percent of the women over the age of sixty five, it affects women across all age groups. It is a problem that causes women to lose control of their bladders. This is a condition that causes the bladder muscles to tighten from nowhere thus disabling the sphincter muscles from stopping the flow of urine from the urethra. There are a number of products that a woman with incontinence can use to prevent it from taking a toll on them. When you use these products, regular visits to the bathroom arte not necessary anymore. These products are among the best solutions to incontinence and you can read more about them here.

These are by far the most common female incontinence products. Pads are arguably the most common female incontinence products in the market. It is advisable that you try them first before you move to other products. They pose no difficulty when it comes to use and they can be disposed. They can be worn comfortably under your underwear they have an adhesive strip that holds them in place. Most of them have a capacity of up to eight ounces and they can prevent the urine from coming into contact with your skin. Most of them are also designed in a specific way so that they do not let the odors out so you do not have to worry about that element of incontinence. To stay clean and fresh throughout the day, you can change the pads.

Get some incontinence underwear. There are other products you could try out if the absorbent pads are not good enough for you. It is possible that you may want a more heavy duty option and that is why incontinence underwear exists in the market. They look just like the regular underwear from the outside but they line with a waterproof layer on the inside that enables them to hold up to ten ounces of urine at any given time. They also prevent the odor from coming out as well as the urine from coming into contact with your skin. Their main advantage is that it is possible to wash them and use them over and over again. If you suffer from incontinence, they could make a great addition to your drawers especially if you consider the many colors they come in.

You can also use tampons. if you are looking to control incontinence day in day out, tampons are not a good option for you. They could cause more serious problems like toxic shock syndrome. However, there are some new specially designed tampon-like female incontinence products that can be a good option. Apart from providing you with relief, they can stop the problem from getting out of hand.