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The Connection between Tylenol and Autism

With the growing awareness on autisms, there has been more attention on some medications like the Tylenol. This is a common over the counter medication that you will find in most of the household drawers. It Is surprising therefore to hear that this common medication has a correlation to autisms, although this doesn’t mean causation.
Most people experience various aches and pains when pregnant and Tylenol is one of the major drugs that they take for this. There are some few researchers that say that this can cause autism, while a good number are for the disagreeing.

Most of the pain relief medications have acetaminophen, and its side effects are where the concern arises. Studies have shown that the consecutive use of the Tylenol risk factor of getting the autism and ADHD. These studies show the relative risk, but this is not the same as the risk and this is why most of the medical professionals feel that there is no need for the alarm. The direct relation could have been shown un all these studies, there could have been immediate recall action on the Tylenol. There are mitigating factors including the substance abuse smoking, poor diets, and trauma, not to mention inherited condition that these researches do not account for. There are also serious illnesses and fever that can also affect the fealties.

Pregnant women should be careful with the painkillers that they use because the pain comes with the inflammation and the more of the inflammatory eicosanoids and cytokines that they have the more the chance the fetus will have issues. If you are among the people that have concerns over the Tylenol then you should talk to your doctor about other alternatives. Studies have shown actual relation between the genetic factor, brain abnormalities at birth, relationship between the mother who’ve contracted German measles in the past, and the age too with the older ones being at higher risk are the major cause of autism. There are a number of measures that you can take to ensure that you are keeping your unborn baby as safe as possible and among them is adopting the right diet, anti-inflammatory and with less of the sugary snacks, quit smoking and other drug use too. Last but not least, you should see your doctor ion a regular bases and discuss any issues that you may notice.