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Global Celebs and Their Popular Pets
Everyone understands that there is a symbiotic relationship that exists between people and pets which means that both parties benefit from each other making it one of the million reasons why more than 85 million American households own at least one pet. It is not just the average person that is deeply into pet ownership but celebrities as well with the best part being that some of the pets end up being famous across the world as well. Reading through this article enlightens people with a soft spot for pets nit just about celebs but also their famous pets as well.

It is not worth it if Brittney Spears’ dog named Hannah that is so popular on twitter does not make it to this list all thanks to its numerous followers and tweets. Hannah is a Yorkshire Terrier that belongs to Brittney Spears that appeared on Twitter in 2012 and has since never looked back for a minute but has kept its light burning over the years. While there are people out there that are still looking for the day when celebrities such as the Kardashian clan and Miley Cyrus will follow them on social media, Hannah unbelievably has achieved that already.

There is also Anushka Sharma that has a pet named Labrador whom she loves so much that she has documented it over and over again while at the same time putting him out there on social media widely that fans know him pretty well. It is not just about loving her dog but Anushka has also found another way of sharing love which is through championing for pet friendly events that are not so common today.

This list can never be complete without mentioning Reese Witherspoon who is not just the best Actress Oscar winner but also a long-time animal lover that has accumulated a rather impressive collection of pets. She does not just own the popular duo donkeys that most people know but also many other varieties of pets as well. In addition to the donkeys, Witherspoon also has many other types of pets as said above some of them being chicken, pigs, dogs and goats among many others. Apart from the celebrities named above, there are also many other celebrities that keep popular pets such as Miley Cyrus who keeps a pig named Piggy that she loves so much not just when spending time with but also feeding her which explains why she has been severally quoted saying that feeding pigs are her best time as well as Tom Hardy and his pups.