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Significant Statistics About Immigration and Economic Growth
There is no denying the fact that the United States was purely built on immigration as a primary idea ever since the early days of colonization up to the exciting times not just for diversity but growth too. It is however so interesting how so many people especially in America perceive immigration with so much controversy and negativity when it has brought American all the way to its current state with all the economic growth that comes with the subject. First of all, everyone must understand and agree that immigration and economic growth go hand in hand which brings the need for people to study and familiarize with some of the statistics about the impact of immigration before forming an opinion about the whole issue. Discussed below are some of the crucial facts that people need to know about the relationship between immigration and economic growth.

When it comes to this subject, everyone seems to make immigrants their aspect of controversy all the time. The truth is however that only a small percent of immigrants are undocumented with most of them living on their green card program or work visas. Great news is that even most of the unauthorized ones that make up the 3% still work and pay taxes which allows them to receive little public benefits all thanks to their ineligibility. Research done by the Institution on Taxation & Economic Policy shows that unauthorized immigrants contribute .6 billion every year in taxes which means that even the small number of illegal immigrants in the states still contribute greatly to the government.

There is also an issue on immigration levels with a 2018 record showing that 28% of the overall U.S. population being made up of immigrants and their children which translates to about 89.4 million people in number. The number of immigrants in the States, however, keeps fluctuating and the in-flux or out-flux of immigrants largely has to do with the current policy as well as economic issues. There has however been recently a rise in the immigration statistics with a lot having a lot to do with low reproductive rates among native-born citizens while at the same time the latter population born from early 2000 falling drastically. Most people do not also understand that immigrants bring in more creativity and innovation and ensure higher population growth as well.