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Merits Of Water Cutting Technology

A lot of people are using the water jet cutting technology because of the many benefits and merits associated with it. Water jet cutting technology has however been in existence for quite some decades starting from the early 1800s where it was mainly used in hydraulic mining. A high speed water known as supersonic water is the major requirement for water cutting technology in cutting and eroding abrasive materials.

Pure water cutting and abrasive water cutting are the only two kinds of water cutting technologies that are highly used in many parts of the world. It is only soft materials that are used in the pure water cutting technology and these include foam rubber, plastics or even papers. Pure water cutting only uses water stream for cutting. The abrasive water cutting on the other hand is used to cut or erode granular abrasive materials which include ceramics and metals. One good thing with the water cutting technology is that the benefits do not depend on the kind of the water cutting technology you are using. Here are the most common benefits and advantages that make the water cutting technology very popular across the world.

Different materials come with different textures something that limits some cutting technologies from cutting or even eroding them therefore making the water cutting technology the best as it is versatile applicable cutting any material be it soft or hard. There are so many types of materials that are easily cut by use of either pure water cutting technology or abrasive water cutting technology.

There are so many ways through which different manufacturing and mining industries use the water cutting technologies. The water cutting technologies do not at any time affect the strength or integrity of the material being cut something that has made them the best for aerospace and food industries.

Accuracy is another benefit that comes with the water cutting technology especially in hard materials like titanium. Water cutting technology does not result to heat affected zone (HAZ) therefore being very friendly to the environment unlike other cutting technologies that rely on heat. Water cutting technology uses cold cutting method and in this case, the operator is not at risk of getting burned.

Water cutting technology is one of the fastest cutting technologies and this is because of the high speed water used. Unlike other cutting technologies which result to a lot of wastage, water cutting technology recycles most of its water and throughout the process and thus saving a lot of water from wastage. The cuts resulting from water cutting technologies are very smooth and burr free due to zero distortions caused throughout the process. Other than being efficient, accurate, and resulting to smooth edges, water cutting technology is also very convenient meaning that any person can operate them without encountering so many challenges.