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Healthy Summer Foods to Consider (And Their Recipes)

A lot of people on the planet looking to maintain current body status like shape, figure or weight opt for diet change. Keeping your current body figure is one of the most difficult operations but it can be made easier and fun with several new discoveries. Wonder in your mind how a recipe will taste even before you use it while keeping an eye on the healthy foods you consume to maintain your body figure and healthy nutrition. Recipes of seven healthy summer foods one should consider in their diets are discussed in this article.

One of the healthy summer foods is an eggplant that can be turned into fries which is a healthy alternative to potato fries. In preparation, cut the eggplant into uniform shapes, seasoning them with salt while you toss them in a bowl. Egg white is used to coat the fries together with breadcrumbs and parmesan before they are placed on a baking sheet for frying after spraying with cooking spray for fifteen minutes.

Thai chicken and watermelon salad made by combining two minced lemongrass stalks, a quarter cup of vegetable oil, salt and pepper and one and half pound of butter fried chicken in a bowl and marinating for thirty minutes. A dressing consisting of chiles, garlic, brown sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and water placed in a mini food processor is poured over the chopped pieces of the grilled chicken. Add watermelon chopped into balls together with mint and cilantro into the chicken mixture, stir them into the salad and serve.

For a high content calcium and vitamin C diet, muesli and raspberries mixed with milk is the best. Peach ice tea is one of the healthy foods to opt for in place of soda of juice.

Blending creamy sherbet at home makes it an easy to acquire healthy food which beats manufactured ice creams. Churn the mixture until it thickens then transfer to a freezer container and wrap with wax paper to prevent formation of ice crystals and leave in fridge for two hours. For those who love sea foods, crispy fish sandwich with herb remoulade can be prepared by heating canola oil in a small skillet with a cup of panko crumbs over low heat until they are golden. Moderate heat is required when cooking the fish to ensure it is properly cooked while flipping it. Anyone looking for healthy summer foods ahd their recipes should consider these options.