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When to Take Eye Exam if You’re Diabetic?

If you have diabetes, then undergoing routine eye exam is going to be important. Diabetic retinopathy has affected over 285 million people globally whether you believe it or not. To make everything simple, diabetes caused more blindness than any known disorders. With this in mind, it is vitally important that you make an effort to learn about the different ways on how you can care for your vision.

With this guide to eye exam, you are going to get proper assistance in finding the right eye specialist and at the same time, the correct test to attain better vision. If you want to improve your vision and life overall, then it is best that you read the entire text.

Diabetes is capable of targeting our blood vessels especially in the retina which is the same reason that causes long-term damage to eye health and subsequently, to our vision. For diabetic patients, they are likely to suffer as well from glaucoma. Glaucoma is nearly the same condition with diabetic retinopathy wherein there is a buildup of pressure in the eyeball.

Just before you begin with your search for eye doctors who will be performing the eye exam on you, it is paramount to have clear idea of what your personal history is and your symptoms. You can just list down the symptoms that you are having on a piece of paper for documentation. By doing this, it allows you to provide all the info that your physician needed to know and as a result, they can provide you with the help you exactly need.

You need to know that experts in eye care have various specialties and for this reason, you might find someone who are focused on retina while others are into general eye health. To give you an example, optometrists are prescribing both glasses and providing treatment for eye disorders as well as diseases and doing eye exam. Ophthalmologists on the other hand are treating superset of eye diseases which include the ones related to diabetics. Well, depending on diagnosis and the doctor’s findings, you are more likely going to pay a visit to ophthalmologist to assess and attend your specific situation.

The doctors that were mentioned can diagnose and treat eye disorders however, none of them specializes in providing prescription glasses and lenses if you have eye disease that is brought by diabetes. In this case, the professional whom you should be looking for is an optician. There are actually obscure doctors who serve as retinal specialist. These medical professionals are dealing with the retina and could be your best bet to attend to your diabetic retinopathy and providing eye exam.

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