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Insights on Internet Governance

The internet is the most effective tool in the world today. It has molded the way people research, shop, relay information globally. The internet has provided a sea of information for anyone seeking it. Governments that do not take well criticism put their countries under restraint. The internet was created to counter a nuclear attack. In a nutshell, internet governance is basically who decides if what is put on the web is hate speech and who decides how data is used. No one person or entity owns the internet, the internet is governed by a shared set of norms and values by private organizations, users and governments.

internet governance is done by organizations such as The Internet Governance Forum, The World Intellectual Forum Property Organization and The International Telecommunications Union. These organizations are the overseers of how domain names are registered and used an provide the best digital policies for both organizations and users. Great internet governance is enables people to manage their information and data hence improving culture development. The society became more open as a result of free and open internet, making internet governance a very complex exercise.

For the greater good a government has the mandate to impose laws that safeguard net neutrality. Private companies sometimes forego their benefits so as make profits. The massive number of internet users makes it hard for policymakers to make them favorable to all. The internet should be governed by all its users. This consist of users, private sectors, organization and non- government organizations.

Users can now oversee their data due to excellent internet governance. Crowdfunding and advertising of products globally has been made possible by internet governance. Billions of transactions have happened because of the safe trading haven created by internet governance. People can research on the internet freely due to internet governance.

Social networking sites must have browsing filters and ways of blocking nuances as regulation by internet governance. The banning of prohibited internet content is mandatory. Generation of misleading websites. The conception of deceptive software. Any internet user can make an account on social networking sites at anytime and anywhere.

internet governance has ensured that there are reduced cases of hate speech, cyber bullying, data harvesting and copyright violations. This has been made possible as the internet has affected thinking of people and changed their attitudes. A minority group of people can liberally share information without being rebuked or ridiculed. internet governance has made sure that the internet space has remained a leveled play field that is equal for all humans. internet governance is made possible due to the removal of suppression and unwanted fragmentation. Internet governance has, therefore, come about to aid in resolving all matters raised by all its shareholder.