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Shocking Road Crash Facts worth Noting

The number of road accidents has almost doubled over the past decade. Reported incidents of road accidents that have killed people have increased across the globe. Additionally, the economic cost of such incidents from another part of the shocking revelations. This has also had an impact on the economic loss that can be associated with the accidents. Such shocking details should motivate people to be more on the lookout for ways of staying safe on the roads. A deliberate effort by all road users to stay safe on the roads would work miraculously in saving more lives from being lost on the roads. Some of the crucial information you might need to know about road accidents have been mentioned below.
Among the shocking revelations is that more than 1.25 million lives are claimed by road accidents globally every year. This figure includes all the road users. As such, it can be concluded that every road user stands a chance of being involved in a life-threatening road accident. It means therefore, that it is in the hands of all road users to make sure that all road safety measures are adhered to with view of reducing the incidents of road carnage. For example, drivers should be more careful when making sudden turns or when crossing the road to help them save the lives of others.
Another fact is that many people lose their lives on the roads due to drunk driving. Worldwide, there is a worrying statistic that shows the number of lives that are claimed due to drunk driving. This shows how the use of alcohol is harmful to the lives of road users. The fact that drinking leads to impaired judgment means that drunk driving will put you in a precarious situation that can lead to a road accident. There should be a personal conviction to avoid driving when drunk to help save on unnecessary deaths. There is also a need to make drivers scared of drunk driving through the use of hefty fines and severe punishments.
Moreover, it has been established that one in every seven people don’t wear a seatbelt while driving. Failure to wear seatbelts has claimed a significant number of drivers. You should note that your body will be moving together with the moving car you are in at the same speed. If you don’t wear a seatbelt, the chances are that you will be thrown out of the car if it gets involved in an accident.
The last information to be aware of is that road crashes account for the majority of teenage deaths. Teen drivers form the portion of drivers who are at greater risk of committing road accidents. This is due to the fact that they are inexperienced and lack the tactics of avoiding accidents.