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Steps to Follow After a Dog Bite

Currently, every homestead you visit has a dog and we expect that since most of us are into companionship of these animals. Since not every dog owner is a good owner, there are more than a few dog bites reported. With most of these bites, there is a need to mention that they result in medical emergency and death. As a result, it is a commendable move to learn more about what to do after such incidents. For more info about steps to follow in the undertaking, read on.

To get started, get more info about the contacts of the dog owner. The info you gather in this line can come in handy in preparing for a lawsuit.

Secondly, take as many pictures as you can. Such an undertaking is aimed at getting as much evidence of the attack. With this in mind, the photos you take here are valuable especially in cases where the dog owner does not offer the needed info. Some of the info you should seek to collect in the undertaking is that of your torn clothes and the scene of the accident. Owing to the fact that these injuries heal fast, it is a good idea to take these photos immediately.

Thirdly, clean the bite wound. While cleaning, it is a good idea to use clean water, soap and a piece of clean cloth. Such a move comes in handy in ensuring that the bacteria in the wound are removed.

Apply antibiotic cream to the wound. Such creams are readily available in most of the pharmacies over the counter. Also, dressing the wound with a clean bandage is commendable.

Get medical attention. There is a need to mention that all the identified things can only be done at home. It is logical to indicate that a trip to the doctor is useful as it seeks to see if there are any infections caused. During such examination, there are cases where the doctor may recommend some of the antibiotic and ointments to use in the undertaking

Recording a statement in the police station is commendable. There is logic in mentioning that all these steps are necessary since we want to ensure that not a single soul will have to undergo such ever again. This a critical step as you gather more evidence for the lawsuit.

Importantly, keep any medical bills and others resulting from buying medication as they will be useful for compensation.

The last thing you need to do is consider the appointment of a personal injury attorney. Such follows the element that it is more than hard to execute a lawsuit without the help of a lawyer. To discover some of the tips for finding an ideal personal injury lawyer, go here.

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