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Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

You might be surprised by how much you would have to pay in your electricity if you regularly use your air conditioner. Basically, this is a common scene on those who have such unit that has been in used for quite a long time. ACs that are not being maintained usually have poor performance which is the culprit as well to why your energy bills are spiking.

But don’t fret, there are few things that can be done in ensuring that your air conditioner will still be at high efficiency.

Fortunately, the idea behind using cooling systems is not so complicated. Trying to perform adjustments on your own may not be that easy. Even with seasoned HVAC technicians, they are sometimes having a hard time in diagnosing cooling problems without utilizing specialized tools.

Well anyway, there are standard steps that can be followed on AC service. First things first, the technician is going to clean the coils and run a check on pressure of refrigerant. The standard check will consist of checking all moving parts and apply lubrication. A common case is, the refrigerant should not lose its pressure and it must not be filled up.

Now if you are using central air conditioner, then the ductwork for heater and AC would be the same. What this mean is that, there has to be a damper in order to separate the cooling and the heating system. For this reason, be sure that the damper is still intact as it plays a vital role in lowering your AC bills. Say for example that you have missing dampers, then you’re only wasting energy as cool or hot air is being dumped to wrong places. This is among the simplest and most basic fixes that your technician can do for your air conditioner.

Not only that, it is imperative to perform regular maintenance on the air conditioner. At the end, this isn’t going to consume your entire day. Then again, everything will vary depending on the part of your unit that needs to be checked and maintained and also, the frequency of maintenance. You might have to perform a replacement of the entire unit in the event that there is an issue with the cooling maintenance.

In most cases this does not happen but if your unit is at least over a decade or has poor SEER rating, then considering to have it replaced would save you money in the long run.