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Farming Trends to be on the Lookout for

The United States has a lot of farms in it, figures ranging over 2 million farms. In as much as the number of farmers in the United States has somehow dropped, there is still a demand for up to date agricultural technologies.

If at all you are asking yourself which are the top agricultural technologies they are that you need to be on the lookout for as a farmer as we get into the next year, read more here for some of the top agricultural technologies that are shaping the agricultural industry into the future.

But before we get to these, let’s see what agricultural technologies are in the first place. By and large, agricultural technologies, as well known as “agtech” is where scientific methods are employed to help crops grow.

Considering the high demand there is for fresh fruit and vegetables and other farm produce, it follows that the farming industry must as well adapt to these needs and trends and as such see to it that they are so up to date in so far as farming machinery and technology goes. This is precisely why agricultural technology is so essential.

Other than this, it is to be noted as well that the modern day consumer, the millenials, are indeed thorough and particular when it comes to transparency in the agricultural industry and as well the fact that satellite technology is indeed benefiting a number of the smaller farms out there. And as a matter of fact, a good percentage of the present day farmers are the millenials, about 8% of the farmers being millenials. This actually tells the reason as to why today you will see the use of a number of technological developments in practicing farming today, some of these being such as the use of drones, sensors and robots all that have certainly taken the practice of farming to a whole new level.

Statistics actually tell of the fact that in the year 2016 alone, the American farming industry spent a sum going as high as 12.6 billion on self driving machinery alone. Looking at the projections of the coming year, the small scale farmers, up to 15% of them, actually have plans for using satellite farming. For more on the benefits of agricultural technology, read more as have been mentioned below.

The one thing that remains a fact is that there are a number of benefits that do follow the use and practice of agriculture in this day and age with an appreciation and incorporation of modern technology in it.

One is in the sense that with agricultural technology, farmers will be able to grow more crops in a single season and harvest. Added to this, these technologies actually allow for better crop resistance to disease.