Child Custody Must Ensure the Best Interests of Children in Oklahoma

Child custody in Oklahoma is often a problem after divorce. It is not uncommon for ex-husbands and ex-wives to fight each other for custody of the child. In the end, there was a dispute between the two. With the occurrence of disputes over the control of children, the settlement has to go to court institutions.

Because the father or mother is a parent who has the same right and obligation to take care of their children, but because of a divorce, the control and management of the children cannot be done together, resulting in a dispute between the two parents. On this basis, the judge who presides over the court session must be careful to examine the case and make a decision, especially since the judge acts as a mediator for the litigants. The decision handed down by the judge does not only have an impact on the litigants but also on the child who is the object of the case.

Due to the heavy burden that must be borne by the judge in deciding on cases of seizure of control of children from divorced parents, there may be an obstacle in the implementation of the settlement of the case. …