The Beginner’s Guide to

All About Caring for Naturally Curly Hair.

14 hair types have been recorded but there are people who think you can only have straight or curly hair which is not right. Each one of these will differ in feel and look. If you have curly hair you will understand how much work is needed in caring for it. Curly hair is gorgeous but you have to be patient with it and be willing to put in the extra work so that it can remain beautiful. This should not make you despise your hair type though. When you are aware of the things you have to do when it comes to curly hair, you can pick out what will leave your hair looking good but also fit your lifestyle. You can then develop a hair care routine based on the information. It will be easy for you to maintain your hair in great shape when you are fully aware of the process. You should evaluate the technique you are using in drying curly hair to see whether it is hurting it or not.

A blow dry is all is needed for those who have straight hair. Even so, curly hair is not good with the drier which is why you should eliminate that from your routine. For days that you are not in a rush, you ought to dry the hair naturally. If you are in a rush you should dry it in chunks using a soft towel. There are curly women who swear by a cotton t-shirt. The cotton t-shirts are loved for their gentleness and the fact that they do not strip all moisture from your hair. You should be informed on the right and wrong way of detangling your hair too. After you have washed curly hair, tangling is expected. Before you go in with a comb, you have to detangle using your fingers so that you can remove knots and also kinks. If you can find a great detangler the better.

The next thing after finger detangling is the use of a wide-toothed comb before a finer comb. Hair brushes are known to cause damage on curly hair and they also make it weak. Hydrating curly hair is also essential. This is an important step for any kind of hair. Well-hydrated hair won’t just be elastic but it will not break easily. You need to get a great hair moisturizer and use it in between seasons because much of the hair damage will happen during that time without proper care. During the cold season, the heavy oils are the best for your hair. Lightweight oils are ideal for summer. For all-year moisturization you can go for natural humectants.