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A Guide to Choosing Vape Flavors

If you are one of the millions who are hooked up on vaping, then by now, you would have chosen the best vaping flavors for your vape. Vaping is proven to be healthier than smoking so if you are looking to quit smoking, then vaping is a good alternative.

Below are some of the vaping flavors in the market today which can help you expand your selection of flavors.

If you love sweets, then you can easily find a vape juice flavor having the sweet taste you are craving for. You should try cookie dough, loaded glazed donut, and the Holy Cannoli French toast if you are a sweet loving vaper. You can also find sweet breakfast flavors like milk with cookies, donuts, or loops. Apple bread pudding flavor is something that dessert lovers should try.

For people who want to try new and exotic tastes, then there are plenty of vape juice to try. Whatever flavor you might think of, you might just find that it’s out there somewhere.

There are many other unique flavors like egg custard, pancakes, coconut cake, and rocket pop.

Making DIY vape juice is great if you can’t find the flavor of your favorite food in the vape market. Here, you can read more about making your own vape juice.

If you are a fruit lover, you are lucky. Fruit flavors are very popular today in the vape market. Whatever fruit you can think of, there will be a vape juice to match it. Pineapple, Strawberry, melon, guava, or even dragonfruit have matching vape flavors.

You can enjoy fruit-flavored vape for long periods. They will taste great whatever your mood is. But for other vape flavors, you can easily get sick of the taste if you vape them every day.

Vape juice flavors accommodate to anyone’s taste even vape juice that’s weird. Some go for fishy crab legs flavor, beer, or hotdog flavor. There are plenty of strange tastes that you might enjoy.

Vape juice can be influenced by other factors which you should consider.

Your vape juice flavor will be affected by the level of nicotine it has. The right amount of nicotine to use is affected by the number of cigarettes that you usually consume per day. You should have a nicotine level of around 6 mg if you don’t smoke more than half a pack of cigarettes a day.

You also need to decide whether you would use propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). The focus of PG is on the flavor so it has less vapor produced. Since VG concentrates on the vapor, the flavor is no so strong. IF you are after the vapor, then VG is for you. Opt for PG if the taste is more important for you.

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