One of the best activities that girl scouts should take is archery. Archery makes use of the oldest form of weapons and used for hunting – the bow and arrow. We have archery ranges available here, and would recommend that you pick a suitable bow or crossbow from BowAuthority.  Make sure you pick the best crossbow bolt for archery practice, check out that guide from the same website as well! When you have a suitable bow, you’re ready to have some fun and stay fit at the same time.

There are different sizes and styles these bows and arrows are available in. But no matter how different these styles and sizes are, they all have one purpose, which is to hit its target. Not all Girl Scouts can participate in archery, particularly the Girl Scout Daises. The Girl Scout Brownies can participate, but there are some conditions that they must be qualified for it and some activities are not available for them. The equipment must be of their size or ones that are designed for childrens’ use. Participants are expected to be old enough that they understand the safety procedures and also handle the equipment for the purpose of not endangering themselves and the others. You are to ensure that the arrows and bows are for the appropriate age, strength, size and its ability for the ones using them.

You must know where you can participate. Girl Scouts are responsible for finding where they can participate archery. They must search for the organized outdoor and indoor archery ranges. You are required to connect with your

Archery Gear

Girl Scouts are expected to prepare the following gear either from the organizer or for themselves. Most of the time they are expected to carry their own gear.

Basic gear are:

  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof sunscreen and lip balm

Specialized gear are:

  • Arrows
  • Bows
  • Targets like those made of paper. They are usually mounted at the hay bales
  • Arm, wrist and finger protection like arm guards or finger tabs. There are left handed models available.

Preparing for Archery

Those participating are to inform the parents and council regarding the activity, which includes the details regarding safety precautions and any other appropriate supplies or clothing that are necessary. You are expected to follow the council procedures for the activity approval, council guidelines regarding the general health examinations of the girls and the certificates of insurances. The arrangements must be made in advance for their transportation and also confirmation for plans before the departure. The provisions must be made in order for safe handling of the archery equipment when it is being transported from and to the range.

The girls are encouraged to take up proactive leadership roles when it comes to organizing the details of this particular activity.

However, the girls are not to be left alone. There should be adults that will be supervising the girls. At least one of the adults is female to every Girl Scout:

  • 24 Ambassadors
  • 24 Seniors
  • 20 Cadettes
  • 16 Juniors
  • 12 Brownies

Plus 1 adult to each added:

  • 12 Ambassadors
  • 12 Seniors
  • 10 Cadettes
  • 8 Juniors
  • 6 Brownies

With all these organizing and the supervision from the adults, will the Girl Scouts really learn something? Maybe they will learn to relax themselves or get focus. Yet here are the following health benefits that are not only enjoyed by the Girl Scouts, but all of those that participate in archery. The trend is already happening!


How can this be physical exercise when it involves stillness? There is actually a record wherein it showed the number of calories burned, which is data coming from the Olympics. It showed that the second highest calorie burner is archery.

Archery is considered a sport that is not restricted to a certain age group. It can be enjoyed by anyone as long as they are interested about this sport. The drawing of the bow expend some energy and walking to the target in order to collect the arrows at the other end also expends some energy, too. The Economist, during the London 2012 Olympic Games, they compared the calorie usage of those winning the Olympic golds in 10 minutes compared to the other activities such as snorkelling, vacuuming, sweeping and dancing. The male archer was recorded to burn at an estimated 1,084 calories, which is 747 less calories compared to women that were in the marathon, yet over 1,054 compared to the 100 meters sprint for men. During tournaments, these archers are walking around 8 kilometers every day and they get to burn between 100 to 150 calories in every 30 minutes.


Since this is considered as a form of exercise, it requires short energy bursts from its core muscles, which is based from drawing the bow. It puts tension on the arm, hands, chest and the huge upper back muscles, including the non-core areas of the anatomy such as the rotator cuffs, which supports the shoulders. The continuous and proper repetition of such movement thus strengthen up these tissues.


Archers are able to maintain focus through their shot routine, even ignoring all the other distractions such as the distance, wind, noise and their competitors in order to bring out the perfect arrow. Learning such control is beneficial for other aspects of life as well.


The steps necessary to draw out a good shot are combined in forming that high-precision routine wherein it needs to be ingrained into the muscle memory of the archer and the subconscious, too. There is so much going on in this time, not to mention there is no room for error, too, that the coordination of all such movements turns out to be almost instinctive.


It is easy to learn archery, but perfecting it is difficult. Although this is a fun sport, it can be very frustrating and the patience needed to practice this is very important when one wants to commit to this activity for the long term, especially when one considers to join the Olympics. Having that determination in repeating the technique at the most precise moment makes the individual a better archer and even becoming a better person.


Staying accurate and calm even under pressure is one ability that the archers develop because they manage their breathing, nervousness and concentration. When you are shooting well, the clock is ticking really fast when you are not minding it, especially when you are so focused on your bow and arrow.

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