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How to Cool Down a Room When It Is Hot

The summer season can make you feel quite uncomfortable especially when you are in a room that is hot and you have no idea of cooling it down. The points discussed below will give you several ideas you can take advantage of to ensure a room stays cool while it is hot.

One method you can use to keep a room cool is by shutting down the blinds by either rolling them up or down, whichever way that is your personal preference. The other method that you can use to keep a room cool while it is hot is to try the ice and fan trick which is achieved by placing a bowl of ice directly in front of a fan. This is because cotton breathes better than any other material say linen, silk etc., and it is able to wick away sweat from your body and absorbs it giving your body a cooling effect all night long.

Cotton material also provides better air circulation which leads to more absorption of sweat, leaving a cooling effect to your body. Another method to keep a room cool while it is hot is by opening your windows strategically. Swapping your bulbs may not bring in such a huge difference but it helps, so is switching off lights when you are not using them especially during the day, it comes in handy when keeping a room cool.

Another way of maintaining cool temperatures in a room is by using a slow cooker or toaster oven to heat your food in small quantities instead of using a stove-top to cook. This can be achieved by placing each fan across from an open window facing the outside, this pulls heat from your house directing it outside while sucking in cool air from outside into the house causing a breeze. One more way of keeping a room cool during the hot season is by ensuring that you use your ceiling fans which most of the time tend to be forgotten unless it is really hot outside.

Another method of ensuring your room stays cool when it is hot is by repairing you’re A/C unit if it is damaged or need replacement. Closely related to that is knowing the right procedure of cleaning an A/C filter in order to achieve that cool breeze you crave for in the summer. Listed above are some points that when followed carefully will help you enjoy cool breezes in the summer season while everyone else is complaining of too much heat and hot rooms.