What Sports Can Girl Scouts Participate In?

Girl scouts normally don’t do sports, although they have been engaging in various sports depending on where they are assigned or which programs they have assigned to. Generally, Girl Scouts are taught leadership skills, but they do need sports in order to fuel leadership skills through the experience of being in a sport that they don’t normally engage into.

The Meaning of Physically Active

Girl Scouts are physically active, but being in sports require even more than that. It requires the movement of the entire body and increasing the heart rate. When a girl is physically active on a regular basis, like at least 3 days per week, it will make them physically strong, increase their flexibility and energy, not to mention they will become more energized everyday. It doesn’t matter which sport you get into whether the activity is somehow light such as throwing the Frisbee or you like a vigorous kind of activity such as running, these all still engages the body into movement, and this is what really matters.

For Girl Scouts that are not used to getting physically active, they are required to start it easy and then build up on the regular to the moderate activity. Regular refers to everyday; moderate exercise refers to when you are just active enough that it will increase the heart rate and your breathing for an hour. This kind of exercise means that you can still talk to someone, but you can’t sing.

The Change of Attitudes

Girl Scouts build leaders, but not all Girl Scouts are able to experience that kind of responsibility. What better way than to let them experience sports themselves. When each of these girls participate in sports just for the fun of it, they will realize something in them that is changing.

At the early age, the young women were programmed to not participate in sports and other physical activity because they fear being perceived as not lady-like or that they fear failure or getting teased. These attitudes can be turned around with any sports they wish to engage in to.

I’m no athlete.

A lot of inactive girls think about the physical activity universe is just black and white. Some girls also believe that there is no use in being active unless you really need to go all out or that if you are just natural. Many girls are afraid of being labeled as a jock because it views something as unfeminine or that they are scared of being teased or they fail in this endeavor. This attitude can be turned around. This is a perfect training ground for Girl Scouts to become confident in themselves and learn to stand up to such stereotypes.

A lot of inactive girls think that being physically active is something that only most boys do. Some girls even have this mindset that unless that they are going to go all out or that you are just a “natural”, it is useless being physically active. Girls must be reminded that it is okay to work up on their body and sweat a lot, get their heart pumping and challenge their physical prowess.

If you are a Girl Scout or someone that supervises their activities, you have to encourage her. Tell her that it is not necessary that they need to be like the hardcore athletes. There is no need for it to be like a competition just so you can get physically active. You also need to reinforce it to them that no one is born an athlete. There are even champions that start from the very beginning and then learn along the way how to play sports.

Afraid of Being Teased

Girls Scouts learned through their programs that they do not let words bring them down. In fact, they hold their head up high because they know they are stronger than that. There are girls that do feel conscious whenever they are teased, and they feel that it is not a good thing to be the center of attention. Also, it is at the stage where they are very sensitive with the influence of their peers. This is why they struggle to fit in the group that they are constantly with, becoming their primary goal and do not bother trying to do anything new.

So what can you do? First you need to identify and understand with the girls’ fears and talk about it with them. Girls want to feel that they are in and that they are accepted. They can feel that they belong with sports, which is being part of the group. Sports represent teams and girls can feel they are a part of the team, no matter what their skill level is. Most people remember how nervous they were during their junior high or senior high days. Many even share funny stories about the embarrassing things that they had to laugh about it. However, they are also talking about how they were able to overcome it. What you need to do is ask her worst fear about entering into sports. Maybe she is nervous about wearing gym clothes or climbing the ropes right in front of her classmates. You have to identify the worst case scenarios and discuss with her so that you will know how to deal with it and you can alleviate her fears.

Doesn’t know anything about sports.

Girls also worry about their lack of knowledge about sports. They fear this because they will look dumb at any attempts that she does. They may also have no knowledge regarding with the sports that is available for them to play. Even if they have some knowledge about it, they do not feel capable enough or confident in becoming proactive about it.

What you can do is teach her the necessary skills for her to be successful. Start by watching different sports or let them participate in the sports that the Girl Scouts program is involved in. The good thing about Girl Scouts is that the girls are mostly open about the activities that are available to them since they already expect to become better individuals when they participate.

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