when Baden Powell launched the concept, it was only a national movement in the UK that constituted only menScouting is one of the service sectors that are found worldwide in almost all countries. Sir Robert Baden Powell is the founder of the scout. In the initial stages. There was nothing called the girl’s scout. However, after the movement was becoming global, before it reached a larger scale Sir Baden Powell also launched the girls’ scout. So here are some of the things that you have to know about scouts.

Things you may not know about Scouting

No gender difference:

Scouting is one of the major platforms in the world where you can see less to zero gender difference. In places like the US and the UK, there are nil gender differences when it comes to scouting. In fact, it is the girls who better participate in the scouting activities across those nation. Even countries that quite conservative are also surprisingly liberal when it comes to scouting. This is one of the proudest things about being a scout. People are judged based on the services that you render and not based on whether you are a male or female. To be honest, the female cadets are respected better nationwide.

DYB and DOB:

In case if you are the scout or if you have seen scouts work, practice drills or say there pledge, then you are probably aware of the terms DOB and DYB. There say these terms like a million times all their lives. But the laughable part is that since these terms always go as an abbreviation, even a large number of scout aren’t aware of what the terms mean. DYB stands for Do Your Best. This, in most cases, is said by the person-in-charge or the person leading the scout activities. Once the term DYB is heard, there is a loud roar or response, and the respondents say DOB. Here DOB stands for Do Our Best. This is also the basic motto with which they work.

Age is just a number:

One of the biggest perks of being a scout or deciding to be a part of the scout is that your age in most cases will not be a bar as long as you fall with the limit of minimum six to a maximum of forty. This means you can be a part of the scout right from the tender age of six and in case if you have missed out the chances in the younger days, in scout you are considered young and energetic as long as you are not more than forty years of age. So don’t worry if you are close to forty you scouting dreams aren’t shattered yet as you can still be a scout.

Camp invitations are nothing:

Unless if you undergo proper training and learn everything possible about scout only then you are considered as a scout. There are different tasks and examinations that you have to complete in order to consider yourself eligible. If nothing of this sort is done, then the camp invitations that you get are nothing more than a piece of advertisement you get in your mail account on a regular basis. People have a tendency to misinterpret things and misunderstand a mere invitation to be an acceptance or insertion letter.

Getting into scout is more difficult than you think:

The process of getting into scout can be more difficult than we think it is. It is a multi-stage process, and it is important you qualify yourself only after undergoing proper training. Your positions also differ based on the level in which you participate. You can be a local scout, and by involving in a lot of scout activities you can go to the position of being a national scout. It requires a lot of practice, patience and perseverance. A tremendous amount of participation is required from the side of the scout, and this participation will help him achieve greater heights as a scout.


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