Being a scout is a proud moment for almost all youngsters right from the day the concept of the scout was launched. Scouting which was earlier a part of the men scouting activities has now gone global, and there is an exclusive scout group for women as well. But it wasn’t easy. Women had to go through a lot to get scout for both the genders and now it is pretty much glad to see the difference that we are creating with our participation as scouts. So here are some of the major reasons as to why it is great for a girl to be a scout.

Top 5 Reasons to be a Girl Scout


In the male-dominated society that we live in it has become quite difficult for women to claims equal rights. So participating in things like scouting activities can help the girl child understand and get a better perspective of the today’s society. She will be able to learn better things, and she will also learn to embrace what is right. Girls will learn to handle the societal pressures with better confidence, and they will learn to keep themselves at ease no matter how hard the situation is.


Girls shouldn’t hesitate to take part in scouting activities as it is absolutely fun and there are a lot of adventurous things that girls can learn to do. No matter which part of the world you belong to girls face a lot of stereotypes and are pinned down to a lot of societal pressures. So performing well in scouting activities can take them to places and help them perform better. For children who are less exposed to the fun element of life, scouting is one of the best solutions to break out and live a better life.

Both techie and old-school:

If it not now then it is never. This is because today as the scouts stick to the age-old principles of scouting the also have gained access to technology, and they aren’t afraid of it. Scouting is a national discipline, and hence there will be no changes as to how they function. This is the reason why they prefer to preserve the old school thoughts and practices. However, scouting will go outdated if they aren’t updated with technology.  So the scouts today are equipped with technology as well, and they learn better stuff that most other kids.

Newfound skills:

As a part of being a scout, you are exposed to new things and new environment. This will bring out the hidden talents of the girls, and they never knew they had in them. This is the result of facing totally new and off-guarded situations. Thereby new skills become a part of her life. She will learn to find and explore other skills once she understands that scouting can make here a better person. The skill can be big or small what matters is the learning process and pushing the learning curve up.

Meet new people:

Scouting as we already know is a global network and the almost all countries today embrace the act of scouting and girls being a part of it. This is the reason as to why scouting can increase the strength of your contacts. As a part of scouting when you contribution increases, it automatically increases your positions and improves your ranking as a scout member. Once you go in high in position, you will get the chance to meet a lot of new people and make better contacts. In not on the global scale, you will get two or three real contacts that exist for life. This is also one of the major reasons as to why girls should be motivated to take up scouting.

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